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Alessandro Greco - Lofoten

My name is Alessandro Greco, I’m a professional Hiking Guide, Trail Runner, passionate Long Distance Trekker. On 2021 I dediced to found Trekking Torino in order to guide people to discover the fantastic mountains surrounding my city and to share my great passion for mountains and the outdoor.




I was born in 1988 in Turin and literally grew up in the mountains both in Piedmont and in the Aosta Valley. I’m an engineer, mountaineer lover and guide by vocation since when I was young. I love lives the mountains with different approaches, by walking, running and also skiing. If someone ask me what I like most about going to the mountains the answer is not simple, because we are speaking about a great love that is expressed in different ways: for sure the beauty, serenity, solitude and the necessity to live at 100% the present moment.

In 2021 I founded Trekking Torino in order to guide people and  share my passion and experience gained during many years spent in the mountains in Italy and all around the world. My target is to be able to offer a wide range of activities so that anyone can try new emotions and experiences.


Below you can find some of the adventures and treks that I have covered during the years

Laugavegur Trekking (Iceland)

Kumano Kodo (Japan)

Everest Base Camp Trek (Nepal)

Faroe long Cross (Faroe Islands)

Long Cross Lofoten (Norway)

Toubkal Trekking (Morocco)

Jotunheim Traverse (Norway)

Tour du Mont Blanc (Italy / Switzerland / France)

Alta via n°1 e 2 Valle d’Aosta (Italy)

Alta via n°1 e 2 Dolomiti (Italy)

Chamonix – Zermatt (France / Switzerland)


PROFESSIONAL HIKING GUIDE: I work as an independent Professional Hiking Guide. During my Treks I ensure the best support by competently guiding you on the itineraries I propose.

MY MISSION: I want to share with you my passion and love for the outdoor activities giving you the opportunity to get to know the western alps. I’m an expert Mountain Trekker and Trail Runner on Long and Ultra distance. I work mainly in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta but I also offer excursions in France and Switzerland, especially for multi-day Trekking.

MY APPROACH: in all the activities that I propose I try to minimize the impact on the mountain environment, weighing the approaches with motorized vehicles and having the aim of guide ù you to explore the less known and popular valleys, enhancing territories unjustly penalized from a tourist point of view.

WHAT CAN I GIVE YOU MORE THAN OTHERS: if you decide to be accompanied by me, you will rely on a person who has practiced Trekking and Trail Running activities in the most diverse environments around the world. My strength is the personalized activities and the possibility of being able to guide you even in your most challenging and demanding adventures. I have traveled thousands of km on the trails, which allowed me to acquire a consolidated experience even in the most particular situations. I look forward to being able to make this knowledge available to you.

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+39 351 8877624